Take Your Time
Take Your Time

Take Your Time

Hip hop / Rap鹤园 Crane Garden

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Take Your Time

Take Your Time

鹤 The Crane
鹤 The Crane

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发表时间 2022-02-22


Take Your Time 一面讲述对音乐的自信、一面也警惕自己把握时间,精进自我才能把作品愈做愈大声。

歌曲充满无忧无虑的加州氛围,好像几乎能看见 Free Nationals 在后头随性的伴奏,但这样的随性在歌词中却显讽刺。若没有付出努力,我们有什么值得享受的?

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I came from somewhere there was nothin’ new
So I guess I’m on a cruise
Yellow Magic’s attitude
Music taste is my perfume
You can smell it on the roof
We gone’ paint it sky blue
‘Cause only that is our limit
We got no one to prove to

You could see our cheeks smiling bigger
‘Cause we’ve been putting risks to our livers
Inventing something sweeter than Mountain Dew
Soul food, natural lube, having a baby or two

Take all the time, have some fun
Life’s not all about you
Drink all the wine, what else can you do?
You’re a piece of shit, sit or stand
Luck ain't what you choose
Make up your mind, we got work to do

I ain’t saying something like Mona Lisa
But no one’s gonna make it if we stay in Asia
Here’s a fun fact, run it back
We couldn’t even get a decent drum pack, before the Internet

We gotta make it louder, and louder than ever
As long as we keep up make it strong together
But that involves you, you, you…

We gotta make it a lot louder, louder

I said maybe one day, said maybe one day
I said maybe one day, one day
I said maybe one day, said maybe one day

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