City Island
City Island

City Island

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City Island

City Island


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发表时间 2019-08-19


作曲 : Favours!

作词 : Favours!

Have you ever thought that you were the light

Thought they were on the way to find

Have you ever tried to dive in the night

Cause you've just lost your mind

Talk to me babe

If thing's going crazy

Every city needs an island

Deep down in your heart

Deep down in your heart

Sailing on the ocean

I hide my fear down below the calm

Heartbeats synchronize with

The wave that's vibrated from the sounds you've made

But I'm afraid to drown

Elusive dream drags me down

Comfort me

Don't get close to me

Storm'll tear me into pieces

Gatta conquer a thousand surges

Cause every busy soul tries to be alone

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