Beating and True
Beating and True

Beating and True

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Beating and True

Beating and True

Sophia has no demo
Sophia has no demo

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Girls, I always dream of the days in the far north land.
The winter there was extremely cold but extremely warm.
We lay together and played the draw guess.
The heating dried our gloves and scarves .
We fell asleep under the stars and songs.

Girls, I’ve spent some difficult days.
But I could reach you so easily for a hug, or a while.
Maybe a bouquet, maybe an orange,
maybe some music, maybe a joke
You knocked my door and I felt silent and safe.

Girls, it seems like all my best memories were linked with you.
I watched back to find myself but I only saw you.
The internship, the graduation,
the new year, the holidays
You are my calendar keeping all my secret notes.

Girls, billions of things happen in my boring life.
I speak them all to you then they are not boring anymore.
What I like , what I hate,
a so-called event, a so-called trifle
People cannot live with an escape hatch.
You are my escape hatch.

I pack all these best memories up, they are all beating and true.
They evaporate into the air, to be my breathing home.
They are beating and true.(×n)

Twinkle twinkle littler star.
How I wonder what you are.

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