Made in China feat. Famous Dex (Prod. Richie Souf)
Made in China feat. Famous Dex (Prod. Richie Souf)

Made in China feat. Famous Dex (Prod. Richie Souf)

Hip hop / RapBlack Cab

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Made in China feat. Famous Dex (Prod. Richie Souf)

Made in China feat. Famous Dex (Prod. Richie Souf)

Higher Brothers
Higher Brothers

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发表时间 2017-07-05


Made in China feat. Famous Dex (Prod. Richie Souf)
我的链子手表中国制造 给我的妞买的奢侈品也是中国制造 你们嘴上说着不爱我 可是你的一切都是中国制造

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my chains, my new gold watch—made in china

we play ping pong—made in china

给bitch买点儿奢侈品made in china
buy designer shit for my bitch—made in china

yeah higher brothers black cab made in china

she said she didnt love me

she lied she lied

she all made in china

she all made in china

she all made in china

闹钟把你叫醒 made in china
the alarm that wakes you up—made in china

牙膏牙刷上面挤 made in china
written on your toothbrush and toothpaste—made in china

把早餐放进陶瓷碗 made in china
put your breakfast in a bowl—made in china

擦唇膏出门打起伞 made in china
heading out the door put on chapstick and open an umbrella—made in china

座到公司里 wu 旋转办公椅 wu
sitting in the office, spinning in the chair

360度 熟悉的印记 wu
360 degrees of that familiar stamp

钢笔画了一朵莲花 cookin需要放点盐巴
drew a lotus with an ink pen, use salt when you cook

相框里面框住全家 全是made in china
this whole family in the picture was made in china

全身 上下 总有 中国货
from head to toe somethings gotta be made in china

亚历 桑那(大学)也有 中文课
even arizona state university teaches chinese

chinese入侵 local 口音
chinese invasion local accent

野火 燎原 淋上 酒精
sprinkling alcohol on the wildfire

made in china的冠军
made in china champions

made in china别挑衅
made in china, don’t fuck with me

made in china的货
made in china goods

made with the joy of the people

made in china 的 knowknow
made in china knowknow

made in china 的 trap
made in china trap

made in china 的 higher
made in china higher

made in china 的 帅
made in china swag

抬头和观众say hello 戴起拳套的我不会退后
say hello to the crowd, I got my boxing gloves on and I won’t back down

训练让我掌握节奏 几分钟内裁判宣布K.O.
my coach made me master the rhythm, the judge calls K.O. within minutes

tell me im good 音乐节舞台的正对面
tell me im good, across from the festival stage

made in china 寓言般的歌词都兑现
made in china cashing in on those metaphorical lyrics

I head into the studio first thing in the morning filled with power and fighting spirit

the responsibility I feel is like the chinese national team winning respect in swimming

I learn from reality so I can make my dreams real

my job is overcoming obstacles, dont complain the starting line isnt the same


famous dex:
I got a bitch up in China

I like to fuck her vagina

I get that money, no minor
赚钱 不算小事

Talk about diamonds, I swear they might blind ya
唠关于钻石 我确定会盲注你

I got a bitch, shit I signed her
我有个bitch 把她签了

I got a bitch, shit I signed her
我有个bitch 把她签了

Sike, that bitch she remind her
哄骗 我需要提醒她

I get the money like diamonds

Bitch I'm in Soho

I fuck on two bitches, I think that's a hoe hoe
跟两个女孩 叫她hoe hoe

Lil boi you slow slow
小朋友你slow slow

I'm whippin' that Mazi, I got it from Tokyo
我开快的 在东京买的

These bitches foreign everywhere I go

I get that money everywhere I go

Wait, they callin' me Dexter

Two bitches fuck me like feathers

she lie she lie she lie不要觉得意外
she lie she lie she lie, dont think its a mistake

女孩 女孩 女孩为什么要离开
girl, girl girl, why you gotta go

我的上辈子是李白 看我写歌那么厉害
my lyrics are so great, I was li bai in a past life

所以不会感到奇怪 十二点的时候叫我起来
so you won’t think its strange waking me up at 12

伴奏画龙点睛 我们那么年轻
the beat is the icing on the cake, we’re so young

不是和尚念经 也不可能变心
we arent monks reading scripture, we wont have a change of heart

桌子上面放的麻将 一瓶老干妈的辣酱
a mahjong set on the table, a jar of hot sauce

外地人会受不了的辣 嘴巴开始发烫
so spicy foreigners cant handle it, their mouths start to burn

咋个样 麻辣烫 回到属于我的chinatown
what up, malatang, im back in my chinatown

四只手 舞狮子头 点燃火炮现在是时候
four arms and a dancing lion head, its time to light the artillery

你无法预料被我吓一跳 一直围到这个话题绕
you could have never guessed, I freaked you out and we stay on this topic

higher风格屌 啥到弄得到 你们家的东西全部都是中国造
higher style is sick, we can do anything, everything in your house was made in china

阴阳风水made in china
ying yang feng shui—made in china

从太极两仪到八卦阵made in china
from tai chi to i’ching—made in china

万里长城made in china
the great wall—made in china

从秦始皇陵到紫禁城made in china
from the terracotta warriors to the forbidden city—made in china

you don't really know me

no time to rest

hidden in my drawer

in the palm of my hand

I welcome you to the nation that makes magic from 5,000 years of culture

made in china能折服你
made in china will amaze you

大喊着nobody save me
yelling out nobody save me

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