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Cheesemind又名美味芝心,是一支来自中国厦门的独立流行乐队,结成于 2012 年秋日。作品不多,团龄唬人,历经十年,从最初陈振超与瑞比秋的二人宅录计划起步,如今终于拥有了五位年龄总和超越了一个半世纪的固定成员。最喜欢将虚幻朦胧的情绪藏在旋律里,融合着海滨城市的自在风景与充满透明感的失落哀愁,在不合时宜的年纪哼唱青春年少的爱恨忧愁。

Cheesemind is an indie-pop band from Xiamen, China, born in the autumn of 2012. They span a decade, and what began as the duo of Soda and RabiQ has blossomed into a five-member crew. Cheesemind excels in weaving elusive and hazy emotions into their melodies, blending the carefree landscapes of coastal cities with a transparent sense of melancholic longing. Despite their untimely age, they sing of youth's loves, hates, and sorrows.

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